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From Fern (“far”) + Weh (“pain”). Can be literally translated as farsickness or longing for far-off places.
Wanderlust means the desire for travel.

Fernweh elevates that urge to a need. A person who has Fernweh feels best when not at home.

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Fernweh Backpackers is a Virtual Travel Agency here to make your trip as enjoyable and stress free as possible. We offer personalized itineraries perfect for you, as well as booking services to help with securing all the details for your trip. Fernweh Backpackers was created and curated by backpackers with personal experience traveling around the world and building relationships with fellow travelers and locals.
backpacker with a llama in Machu Pichu
What We Offer

experience Authentic trips curated for you

Seeing the world as the locals see it is the best way to get a different perspective and a truly authentic experience. This is what Fernweh Backpackers is all about; creating unique trips for people who want to travel, learn, and do.

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Emily Lerner

Plan your trip to Montserrat

Montserrat, Spain is many things; it’s a mountain, a monastery, and a great idea for a day trip from Barcelona… but I didn’t care about

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